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Idina Menzel - Some Other Me (feat. Tom Kitt) /  NYPR Soundcheck


No but guys listen; Juno the Musical. Written by the guys who did Once and Heathers and starring Barret as Juno and Taylor Trensch as Bleaker and Elle McLemore as Juno’s best friend. Someone make this happen

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people who say Johanna’s clearly crazy/ditzy because of the way she acts in “Kiss Me” are my least favorite kind of people like how would you react if you knew you were going to be raped by your father figure in less than two days really

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Hey guys. So I’m looking to order new jazz shoes online because my current ones are falling apart. However, my feet are a size 14 men’s, so finding jazz shoes that fit me (size 18 because jazz shoes run smaller) is pretty impossible. If any of you know where I could order large jazz shoes online, it would be much appreciated. Thank you so much!


here, my darlings, is the link to the full (but untracked) audio to Les Mis Dallas. It was recorded on 16 July 2014 and was a wonderful show! Apologies for the muffled sound but my seat was literally right next to the usher, so i had to record from inside my purse.

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god on high

hear my plea

dallas les mis

on dvd

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