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RENT  Off-Broadway
Has anyone seen it? How was it?

RENT  Off-Broadway

Has anyone seen it? How was it?

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    i have and i loved every second.
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  5. campy-stan answered: Amazing!!!!!!!!!
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  7. lovemusicharrypotter answered: I saw it! It was amazinggg! I love annaleigh ashford, but I wasn’t crazy about her portrayal of Maureen though.
  8. tristanontumblr answered: It was brilliant! Ah, totally worth it. the cast works so well together <333 and the show is just…perfect.
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  11. bitter-vs-better answered: It was absolutely phenomenal, the cast all worked together in a way that made it obvious they were all friends outside the theatre.
  12. littlelo324 answered: It was incredible!
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  14. unforgettablebuthardtorecall answered: YES! It was absolutely fabulous! They changed a lot from the original, but not one of them was a bad change.
  15. fuuuukinlucas answered: I saw and loved it!
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    met all of you people
  17. fugientumanimam answered: It is a wonderful production, saw it in August, heard that the cast is much improved since then!
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  20. witchescanberight answered: Can’t compare it to the Broadway version because I haven’t seen it, but I am in LOVE with this production. Highly recommended.
  21. amnonia answered: I loved it :’)
  22. cydddnie answered: i saw it in august.. i liked it, but arianda(mimi) wasn’t very good.. and some things were changed in the show. still entertaining though!
  23. inthesummerheat answered: I’ve seen it 3 times. Personally, it is the best production I have seen of the show. I actually prefer it to the Broadway production.
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